Identity Crisis
Season 1, Episode 8
First Season box art

Air date 1 April 2005
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Counterfeit Reality
Sniper Zero

When Riley, who practiced an ingenious pyramid method of skinning numerous bank accounts for over half a million dollars, is strangled, exactly the same way - not revealed to the press - as Lisa Bayle, for whose murder Don Eppes' investigation once put Cliff Howard in jail after a plea bargain-confession, Don now fears the wrong man was arrested. Charlie helps him quantify the improbability of such a coincidence, which leads him to seriously question the forensic evidence. Electrician Jose Salazar, whom Don suspects, equally turns out to be innocent of Lisa's murder, but Charlie realizes that's not the point: what if a third person committed both murders, linked rather by the victims?


Charlie's manner of playing poker is presumably very similar in essence to Larry Fleinhardt's, and would probably equally get him barred from most official gambling establishments, one way or another.

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